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September 10th, 1999 - Volume 85

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Dave Funk's Millionaires Club Conference Calls - September Line-Up

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"Vision Is The World's Most Desperate Need. There Are No Hopeless Situations, Only People Who Think Hopelessly."
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"Do Today What Others Won't, So That Tomorrow You'll Have What Others Don't.
by Mike Lammons
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A Critical Spirit Is Like Poison Ivy--It Only Takes A Little Contact To Spread Its Poison.
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"If You Have The Will To Win, You Have Achieved Half Your Success; If You Don't, You Have Achieved Half Your Failure." God bless and have an Excelerating Day.

Hey guys this is GREAT STUFF!!!!! Be sure and get in on these calls...... AND make sure your organization knows about them!  Jody

From the TelWorks page on RepWorks:

Premier Technologies is hosting conference calls with top leaders to discuss topics pertaining to your business. There is NO COST for Excel IRs to join the call.

9/8 Scott Minor & Mike & Barbara Lammons

9/12 Pat Hintz & Denson Taylor

9/13 Holly Minor & Loren Friedman

9/15 Jordan Adler

Dial-in Conference Call Number: 1-800-314-7867
PIN for access: 733424

All calls are at 9:00pm Eastern time

Wish I knew who to give credit too for these wonderful notes, but the signature had been cut off. MANY THANKS to you who took the time to write them out in detail!

Here is a recap of the past week:

1) PC Promotion extended until September 30, 1999.

2) New Kit. It is the size of a Franklin Daytimer. Tape, 20 SRFs, IR Forms, AC Form, Paging Form, CD Excelonline disc and Excel Connection book all included, but separate.  New MR's as of July 1 can purchase at reduced rate. All others: $35 each. Canada will have theirs on October 1. Leather available for $75.

3) New Reps guide to advertising available with CD rom for local printer included

4)  This is to assist you with questions and answers about online.

5) E-Commerce--Available for reps starting October 29. See details later.

6) Wireless: PCS available first quarter of 2000

7) DBS - Direct Broadcast--available first quarter

8) Bank Direct: Internet banking--available now. Go to Rep Works to sign up NOW!

9) Up2Me will change over next 8 weeks to: only. You will be able to use your IR home site as your portal page and all your customers can also. This means as soon as they turn on their computer--they will see Your IR HomePage, with your picture.

They will be able to get weather, news, stocks, buy products, services, refinance their
home, buy a car, buy books, tickets, etc. etc. etc. AND YOU WILL RECEIVE

Get your IR Home site NOW. Don't wait another minute. Go to Rep Works. Click "IR Home Site" and set-up your page. Then notify all your customers, friends, prospects, etc. They can begin signing up as your customers and reps today. Excel will then notify you by e-mail that they are on board.

10) Paradise Promotion: Applies to RDs only: $25 added to your $60 RD bonus. (9/1 to 3/31) Qualifications: a) Must sign up one MR per month.
b) Beginning Dec: Must have $500 in personal customer volume.
c) It is paid out on FS 2 (8 customers acquired by new MR)

11) Quick Promote: New MR gets 5 MR/ACs and is instantly promoted to Senior Rep
Senior Rep gets 5 MR/ACs and is instantly promoted to Regional Dir.
This promotion applies to our Canadian friends also.

12) Mandatory TPV--Third party verification (1-888-ORDER-XL) for the following states: Arkansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas.

13) The 5 RDs it takes for you to reach ED, must come from within your first 7 levels!

14) Personal Growth Bonus chart: You will now be paid 2% to 10% on your
personal customers:

Total Revenue Usage Level Residential Cust. Commercial Cust.
$0 - $1,500 2% 5%
$1,501 - $3,000 5% 5%
$3,001 - $5,000 6% 6%
$5,001 - $7,000 7% 7%
$7,001 - $9,000 8% 8%
$9,001 - $11,000 9% 9%
$11,000 + 10% 10%
I LOVE that they increment this up so you can take baby steps to the ultimate $11,000 - or an additional $1,100 to your monthly income!

15) Excel Yourself" Prepaid phone card: 5 minutes of calling free: 100 cards for $100. They will look just like an Excel business card--with your name, address, Phone number, IR Home site on it. Great for handing to prospects.

16) Other Prepaid phone cards: $4.50 per card. Turn around and sell them for $7.50/card. 30 minutes each. Packs of 10 for $45.

17) Holiday prepaid phone cards: 10 for $35. Each card contains 20 minutes of calling.
Make great gifts to stick in your Christmas Cards to customers.

18) THE 3 CENT PLAN: 3 cents per minute 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. 7 days/week
10 cents per minute all other times Intrastate call prices: 1 cent plus Dime Deal prices for each state Maine: 14 cents per minute  Fee: $5.95
This is a promotion and is over on Dec. 31--but anyone coming in during this time is "grandfathered" in and will keep plan forever.  Promotion begins: October 15 to Dec. 31, 1999.  Available to new and existing customers.
How: Cross off "Simply 7" and write in: "3c Plan" . Cross off "$4.95" and write in: $5.95
Then initial both corrections.  Restriction: 2,000 minute cap. After 2,000 minutes: $.10/minute

19) Local phone service beginning first or second quarter of 2,000: One state at a time.
There are 70 different products that must be set up within local.

20) Directory assistance is commissionable to you

21) United Kingdom: First part of 2nd quarter.

22) Jan. 1, 2000: New Prime Business Internet/Paging available (see Communicator
for details).
3-5 Internet Accounts: = 1 customer point
5-8 Internet Accounts: = 2 customer points.

23) Unlimited Coding on LDU:
Beginning Jan. 1: Excel will bundle all beneath your 7th level and pay commissions.
Percentage was not announced. All in your AR group will be one percentage.
All in your SR group will be another percentage, etc.
Qualifications: You must have $3,000 personal customer revenue .

24) Do not send in paperwork if you use TPV (third party verification - 888-order-xl)

25) Excel is now 600th largest company in the world

26) Excelonline in Canada--not yet. GTE is working on putting pops in NOW. It
is coming.

27) PC giveaway in Canada--not yet.

28) AT&T pulls out of Canada--only got 250,000 customers in 6 years. Excel got
120,000 customers in 6 months.

29) Dime Deal now has Monthly Minimum of $2. Still less than the big three:
Dime Deal: $2 Monthly Min.
AT&T: $3
MCI: $3
Sprint: $5

30) Email by phone! For those on the go.... Now you can check your email via the telephone!

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Good Morning Fellow Excelers and Business Partners,

Recently I was asked by one of the reps I've introduced and sponsored into this business whether I could pin-point a main quality in order to GUARANTEE SUCCESS in Excel. I had to pause for a moment to reflect as there are a number of things that can directly affect or influence the degree of success we have in this business (or any other business for that matter). So I decided to relate just one thing (at this point in time) that I've personally found to be successful from my own experience, "TRIED and PROVEN"!

Remember learning about vacuums in school? -- That state of total absence, of nothingness! Well Nature abhors a vacuum and will try everything at its disposal to fill that empty space. It's the same in PUBLIC RELATIONS. We are in the communication business therefore we are in PUBLIC RELATIONS! And whenever we are in public, we are on stage. The audience (our future clients, our friends, etc.,) are watching every move, which is either noted, copied or applied by them and always causes a reaction, positive or negative, in the lives of everyone we or they meet. Not one of us is an ISLAND (as the song goes)! So let's use this to our advantage and let it help to build our Excel Business:

How? You ask? Follow me here...

What's one thing that everyone of us likes to be around? SUCCESS... right? We all want to be SUCCESSFUL! We like to be in the company of SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE! Well if you feel like that, your AUDIENCE, your PUBLIC WATCHING YOU AND YOUR PROGRESS also feel the same. They are looking at YOU to see if YOU are one of those SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE that THEY would like to be around! So use this to your advantage!

BEFORE YOU GO BACK UP THERE ON STAGE, stop and take a hard look at yourself! Is the person looking back at you in the mirror a SUCCESSFUL PERSON? If all this is new to you, think for a moment who you represent! You are an independent Representative of Excel Communications! -- THE MOST SUCCESSFUL COMPANY OF ITS KIND EVER IN THE HISTORY OF CORPORATE AMERICA! Do you realize that? You belong to the most dynamic presence in the field of TELECOMMUNICATIONS in North America (for now) and soon to be worldwide. You have something to genuinely be excited about! AND YOU ARE A PART OF IT! As a representative, YOU OWN A PART OF IT! When you think of the present and future potential of just what you have in your hands, DOESN'T THAT GET YOU GENUINELY EXCITED? Well if you know this about Excel, and Excel is SUCCESSFUL, and you own a part of this SUCCESS, then YOU MUST ALSO BE A SUCCESS, RIGHT?

But, you say... I DON'T FEEL SUCCESSFUL. Now what have I told you about FEELINGS... NEVER PUT YOUR FAITH IN YOUR FEELINGS... DEAL ONLY IN THE FACTS! Concerning Excel, the FACTS speak for themselves. So if you don't FEEL SUCCESSFUL on that stage in front of your PUBLIC, ACT SUCCESSFUL! Create a vacuum of SUCCESS! Sharpen those belief muscles. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!... AND BELIEVE IN THE COMPANY YOU REPRESENT!... AND BELIEVE IN THE RANGE OF SERVICES WE OFFER!
If you don't have enough BELIEF, then go back over the materials in your kit, go to the TELEGLOBE and EXCEL websites, read that book, "The Excel Phenomenon", watch all those videos and CD's about the Company... Knowledge will build that belief process. If you are mindful of how you are seen up there on that stage and you have done your homework, you can't help but be excited in front of your audience. That ENTHUSIASM will flow naturally as you speak to others about Excel's Services and the Excel Opportunity.

Even if you don't feel like it, that aura of SUCCESS will emanate from your presence as you go about your everyday business. Others will begin to notice that YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THAT THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE AROUND! They'll be your customer just because you recommend it! They listen to the Opportunity for them to join you in your business simply because you are genuinely excited about it and it has given you a spark and a spring in your step that they don't have (but desperately want), and they will FOLLOW YOUR EXAMPLE and become a Representative also.


Do you really know what Excel stands for:





Have a great Excelerating Day!

John Dillon  AR S.W.A.Team , Springfield Excel Foundation City Member 

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"I have a friend who constantly expects the worst, and that's what she receives. What advice would you give her?" - Karl R.

There are two types of people in the world - magnetized and demagnetized, although we probably all start our life magnetized. People who are "magnetized" with the power of positive expectation actually attract success, happiness, and the achievement of their goals with their faith and confidence.

Demagnetized people don't attract any such things. Opportunities come to them, but they sit there like a heavy piece of metal. They say, "I might fail." "I might lose money." "People will laugh at me."

Psychologists see demagnetized people every day who are expecting the worst to happen. In many cases, it is their expectation that is the real problem. Listen to what some of their patients say: "I don't know what it is, but I know I've got a serious health condition." "Financially, we're just not going to make it." " I just don't know how this marriage is going to last."

Here's the secret: positive magnetism grows stronger every time you use it. Put the power of expectation to work for you today.

- Neil Eskelin

Jump Start Smile: If you need some money, borrow it from a pessimist. He doesn't expect to get it back!

Ken Leonard - RD
TelWorks: 1-310-521-4180
Excel Forum

Here's an email address worth remembering!

If you email the autoresponder   it will email you back the 'call back' script in a very short time. This call back is based on someone having called on your sizzle card but could easily be converted to an answer to an add, flyer etc.  The script is below.


    (Jane Doe), please. Ms. Doe, my name is _____. I'm an independent representative with Excel/Teleglobe. You called me and left me a message indicating you were interested in earning $1,200 next week doing promotions for our company - is that true? Remember the little yellow card?

Ms. Doe, is this a good time to talk? Do you have about 5 minutes?

Ms. Doe, have you ever heard of us?

Let me take just a moment to tell you a little bit about our company. We are a global telecom giant. We are traded on the New York, Toronto and Montreal Stock Exchanges. We're licensed in all 50 U.S. states and all the provinces of Canada. In just a few short years, we've become the 4th largest long-distance carrier in North America. And we're currently the 2nd largest Internet backbone in the world. We have plans to expand operations into Europe and Asia later this year. In other words, we're a global telecommunications company.

That's impressive, isn't it?
I'm telling you this, Ms. Doe, to let you know this is a legitimate company, not some fly-by-night operation that's not going to be here next week.

Are you impressed, Ms. Doe? ---- I was too!

4.     BACK TO THE $1,200
Now back to the reason you called, that $1,200.

This phenomenal multi-billion dollar global telecom giant will allow ordinary people like us to subcontract with them and own and operate our own business. All they ask is that we promote the company's products and introduce the business to others and teach them to do the same.

It's that simple, Ms. Doe.

Now Ms. Doe, we don't ask that you buy or sell products, deliver anything or collect money from anybody. In fact, with our optional program, the company does the record keeping for you. It's a simple business, and since there are no quotas, you can work at your own pace. You can do and earn as little or as much as you like, set your own hours and work from your own home.

Ms. Doe, let me explain how simple our business is.
You need to get 10 people to help you launch your new business by being your customer. You would ask your mother, your brother, your sister, your next-door neighbor and best friend to help you by being your customer. They'll get 7c a minute - that's cheaper than our competitors - and nothing changes in the way they use the phone. That's 7c 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the 4th largest long distance carrier in North America.

Anyone could do that ---- wouldn't you agree?
Sure, you could do that, couldn't you?

OK, that's great, Ms. Doe! You've just earned $50 (a new Dell computer).
Now, Ms. Doe, you probably know three people who not only could but would do that same simple thing in order to earn a quick $50 (Dell computer), don't you?

That's great, Ms. Doe, because you just earned $1,200.

You see, our company will pay you $400 for each person you introduce to the business who meets that simple minimum customer requirement.

Now Ms. Doe, there's some time limitations and requirements which I can explain to you later, but that's the basic concept.

Ask a few friends and family to help you by being your customer, and introduce the business to others who will do the same.

What if you actually helped 10 people get started in our business next month? When they get a few customers, you get $400 for each one.

That's $4,000.

But actually, it's more than that. You see, Ms. Doe, we have additional compensation that I've not explained to you. ----- It's like a cake. All we've done is taste the icing. There's a whole cake under there that you don't know about yet. There's a tremendous financial opportunity here, and I can go over the details with you later.

Now Ms. Doe, do you remember the little yellow card?
If I gave you 500 of those cards with your own special code on them, could you pass them out over the next 48 hours?

That's all there is to it! Pass the cards out. Tell people you don't know enough to answer their questions, but if they call and leave their number, an expert will call back and answer all their questions.

Remember, each of these cards are potentially worth $400 to you. How many cards could you pass out over the next week - or two weeks?

And Ms. Doe, just think about how many people might do what you did ----- call the 800 number to learn more and leave their name and number for us to call them back? ....

You know it works, don't you Ms. Doe? You did it -- right?

That's $400 for each person who starts the business and gets their first few customers.

Does this sound like something you would like to do, Ms. Doe?

Would you like me to me to help you earn that $1,200 next week? ------ Great! We'll need to get you some cards and get you started.

As with any business, there's a nominal start-up fee. Could you come up with, say, $245 in order to launch your new business? --- Great!

(If not) That's OK. We can get you some cards and you can go ahead and get started. When you have a couple of people ready to start their business, will you then be able to come up with the start-up fee in order to collect your earnings? --- - - Great!


Can you start tomorrow? ---- Great!

Then we'll meet at _____ at ____ time. I'll have you some cards, and we'll do some preliminary paperwork, and I'll explain all the options to you.

Before we meet, write down a list of 12 names and phone numbers of people who would be willing to help you by becoming your long-distance customer.

Be sure to have this list with you at our meeting.

Do not talk with them until after we get together. This is important. I'll tell you what to do when we get together. I look forward to seeing you, tomorrow. Don't forget, bring your list.

NOTE: The cards are what causes IMMEDIATE ACTION!

NOTE 2: You can ask if they're online, and refer people to your IRHomesite and sign them up there!

Thank You Jimmy Dick!

This service is free to my Excel friends that have training material you would like to make available as online assistance. If you have text information that would help others, please email the info to  
This is to used only for the training of existing reps. Do not to use this site for prospecting.

Reprinted with permission of Upline Magazine for which I am a proud subscriber.

I got a great piece of advice once I'm going to share with you. And once I do that, I'm going to share some thinking I've been doing, too.

Someone once suggested that in the course of learning about a particular field-- say Network Marketing-- you should also read and study other, completely different or opposite things, like what people are up to in rocket surgery or brain science. Doing this, the wisdom goes, usually results in some refreshing insight or new and useful perspective from that vastly different domain. I'm not certain why this happens. Perhaps it has something to do with having all those old familiar trees get in the way of the forest. I have, however, found the advice to be true and smart to follow.

So, to my thinking....

A great way to learn about Network Marketing is to study and play golf. (Please, I am very clear that this article is an attempt to justify my spending all the time, not to mention the money, on golfing and all the books and tapes and new drivers and trips to exotic places with my clubs in the belly of the air-beast. I'll tell you later on if it works. Or Sue will.) What I am discovering is it takes pretty much the same things to be good (and very good) at both these "games."

Anybody who can skip a stone across a pond can be a good golfer. The same can be said of prospective Network Marketers.

What it takes to do golf well is some training and practice, and then it's all a matter of time. The more hours and days you have to devote to learning and playing golf, the sooner you can become better. And in golf, it's not the quantity of all this training and practicing and play that really matters. It's the quality. Just as it is in Network Marketing. Bad habits trained and ingrained kill both pursuits. Good and great ones make them fun-- and even profitable. (A good teacher is a must for both.)

Once you get the swing down, golf becomes a mind game.

Once you get the basics of how Network Marketing is done, it's a game of the mind as well.

Attitude is everything in golf. Focusing on the target, precisely where you want your ball to be, and letting your swing flow and go naturally is the key to great scores and having a fun. Negative thoughts-- be they doubtful or angry or not in the be-here-now of the present-- and even positive thoughts about things that aren't about the shot you're facing right there and now, will do more to blow your game than lack of hitting the club face square and ending up 20 yards wide of the green or deftly topping the ball and watching it dribble down the fairway the length of your living room into the tall grass. In fact, those ticked-off, unhappy, anti-confident mind burps are responsible for 98 percent of the mistakes you make on the golf course.

Think about that in terms of Network Marketing. . . .

We all know how to do this business-- yes? We've all been trained. Read and heard the books and tapes that show and tell us the right way to play. (Heck, one Big Al book is all anyone really needs to know.) It's the mental part that gets in our way. That's where Networkers make the mistakes that add up to geese-scattering duck hooks into the pond and tens on the par fives in our business.

In golf, most beginners concentrate their efforts on their long game; smacking those full-swing clubs with the lofty (no pun, no kidding) goal being to hit big, impressive, monster drives so far down the fairway from the tee you just know you'll be on the green in two just like those guys you see on TV. But it's the "short game" that wins in golf. Eighty percent of all your shots on a golf course will be about 100 to 120 yards away from the pin: i.e., the short game; eight irons and pitching wedges; chipping and putting.

It's like Networkers placing big ads or e-mail blasting the whole wired world or sending cassette tapes to every person in Acron, Ohio, whose last names end with the letters "n" and "o," yet not focusing on those one-on-one, personal relationships that win Network Marketing tournaments and earn big prize-money residual checks month after month.

The joke in golf always is, "Hey, the harder you hit it the farther it goes." It's not true, of course, on the course. A pretty, rhythmic swing hitting the ball solidly is what makes golf balls fly. What's the equivalent in Network Marketing? What stops you from doing that consistently... dare I say, duplicatably?

Dr. Bob Rotella is a noted sports psychologist who works with a number of teams and players in all sorts of sports. He lives right here in Charlottesville, and I took my son to see him for an hour as a 13th birthday present. (Young Johnny Milton shoots our local University of Virginia course, Birdwood, in the 80s and has expectations of winning the Masters tournament! Vision anyone?) Bob is a great guy and loves junior golf. His daughter and Johnny share the same golf teacher.

Dr. Rotella has a number of wonderful (and encouraging) books and tapes out. (Yes, people in other realms of life and work are learning junkies, too, just like Network Marketers.) I recommend you pick up a book Bob wrote called Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect. I suggest this to you even if you never ever intend to play golf. (Of course, if you're already addicted, you'll love it! Go out and get your soon-to-be-dog-eared copy right away.)

...Perfect is a fantastic training book for anyone who truly is committed (or even simply, truly curious) about how to succeed in Network Marketing. In it, Bob deals in delightful depth (read easy-to-read and very valuable) with confidence, commitment, training and trusting yourself, strategy, planning. All golf stuff and all simple and clear to apply to our business. Besides, Bob is such a masterful teacher, you'll learn lots about coaching your people from reading how he does it.

Immediately after reading Bob's book I bettered my scores and began having more fun playing golf. I began putting all thoughts of my swing's mechanics-- which had plagued me since I first started-- out of my head, as I focused on the target, watched the vision of the shot in my mind, kept my eye on the ball and swung more and more naturally, easily, effortlessly and with better and better results.

Now, imagine what you could do if that's how you played Network Marketing? Read Bob's book. -- JMF

Ken Leonard - RD
Excel Forum

This is so true you guys! For those of you who already have momentum going in you organization, CONGRATULATIONS, it does not happen overnight and it takes hard work and consistent effort. For those of you still working on building some momentum, the hardest part of course, is taking those baby steps out of your comfort zone. You must PRACTICE stepping outside of it everyday.

I PROMISE you once you begin to feel more 'comfortable' outside your comfort zone, that is when you will begin to have some SERIOUS FUN doing this business. The only way to get there is to PRACTICE stepping out of it every single day! It is difficult to express to you how 'worth it' it is for you to do this. But for those of you still having a hard time making those calls, getting those no's, getting those 'no shows' just understand that each and every one of us went through this in the beginning. It is like paying your dues, something you MUST do to be successful in this business.  I PROMISE you it is worth every second of the discomfort you endure to achieve momentum! Beyond your wildest imagination it is WORTH IT!

Just go out and do the hardest thing we do in this business, get someone to take a LOOK at the awesome compensation plan! Use the video if you are not comfortable with the presentation yet. Take your upline or an Excel partner!  Don't ever forget that you are simply offering them the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Some will see it, some won't, so what NEXT. Deregulation will only happen once and it is happening NOW! In our generation. You only want a few good people who have the eyes to see it and the heart to seize it, then you HELP them get a few customers and SHOW THE EXCEL PLAN.

Do NOT limit you success by pre-judging who will and who won't, that is not for you to decide. You have no way of knowing who will want this business for themselves, just share it with everyone. For some of us it is for money freedom, for most of us it is for TIME FREEDOM. Excel creates the TIME you need in your life to do the things you really want to do. The bonus side is it also gives you the money to make a difference! Tell them "All I am asking is for you to take a look, after you see it, if you like it fine, and if you don't fine, does that sound fair enough?" Do NOT let them say NO before 'seeing' the business plan. Say "how can you say no to something you have not seen?" When they say Oh I have seen these things before, you can honestly tell them, you have NEVER seen anything like this before, and if you saw Excel 2 or 3 years ago, you need to take another look. If you will just insist to them DON'T SAY NO UNTIL YOU KNOW,  your business will grow in leaps and bounds and before you know it you will have gained MOMENTUM!!!

Keep on Excellin'
Jody Newell
TW 364-2832


The law of momentum says that whenever you begin a new venture, it takes ten units of effort to achieve one unit of results. But after you gain momentum, it takes only ONE unit of effort to achieve TEN units of results.

It's no wonder that so many people drop out of network marketing in the beginning. When they first sit down to make prospecting calls, it can be disheartening--the first few calls are difficult and the results are disappointing. The good news, however, is that if they stay with it, momentum is created. And when that happens, making prospecting calls becomes ten times easier and each effort is multiplied tenfold.

Now, that's leverage!

Hilton Johnson
Your MLM Sales Coach

P.S. Don't forget to check out our new online University Bookstore and an archive of Hilton's Helpers at the MLM U website:


Back from Texas, I MISSED ALL of YOU who were not there, and those that were fortunate enough to have gone........ YOU WILL KNOW what I am talking about!!

You guys Excelebration was EXCELLENT!! I wish YOU ALL had been there to see it because words can not do it justice! NEXT YEAR..... put in on your calendar NOW and plan to BE THERE..... the first Excelebration of 2000! If you make it to one Excelebration you will never want to miss another one. It is impossible to describe, you just HAVE TO BE THERE!

We have so many things to tell you! I HOPE you all have been keeping up with things in RepWorks and on TelWorks.

You will DEFINITELY want to get to the very next meeting in your area to get the details. We have hand outs of some of the announcements so BE THERE WEDNESDAY NIGHT if you are in this area. Also watch for the next issue of BoEN..... I will have it ready in the next few days.

Until then below is a summary of some things YOU NEED TO KNOW.

1) EXTENSION on Dell PC promotion until the end of the September. If for some reason you did not get your 10 customers and qualify for the PC you still have a chance. And you have until the end of the month to SHARE this with anyone and everyone you know. Earn a FREE DELL PC!!!

2) NEW business kits for new reps! They are a HUGE IMPROVEMENT! Day Timer size with the logo on front, easy to carry, and all the information consolidated into easy to read glossy's. Products and Services, Positive Press, Business Overview etc. Includes a place for calendar, important numbers, a real improvement over the ones you all received. You may want to replace the one you got with this new one. Be sure and let your new reps know that it is available. See RepWorks or call Sales Aids for details.

3) If you are not on TelWorks you want to get on it NOW! If you are not on a distribution list already, send me your TelWorks number and I will help you find a local one or I will put you on mine.

4) THIS ONE IS HUGE!!!!!! You can receive up to 10% LDU on personnel customers. The percentage increments up from 2% to 10% depending on your customers total long distance usage.

USAGE            Percent LDU to YOU
0 to $1,500     Residential 2% Commercial 5%
$1,501 to $3,000    5%
$3,001 to $5,000    6%
$5,001 to $7,000    7%
$7,001 to $9,000    8%
$9,001 to 11,000    9%
Over 11,001          10%
Well worth working towards. You may have heard me say "I don't want to have to send any more Christmas cards and quarterly customer newsletters than the 40 or so I already send" But with getting 10% it just might be worth it :-) Might just think twice before 'giving' away that customer for encouragement for your new rep and fast start. Work your new reps warm market and get them there. You shouldn't be giving away those YOU work for, if you want to make your rep feels the best about it, help them get it from THEIR market. Be it warm, cold or sizzle lead, HELP them WORK for it.

5) Quick promote to SR or RD!!! Promotion runs Sept to Nov. 5 MR/AC's to Senior Rep and only 5 MR/AC's to Regional Director. This is a great way to get a rep you start after September 1st to RD!

6) Regional Director promotion of an additional $25 in coding bonus, UNLIMITED DEPTHS!!!!!! YOU MUST sponsor one MR a month to be eligible for the bonus.

7) NEW CALLING PLAN! STARTS OCT. 1st! 3 CENTS PER MINUTE - YES!!!! ... THREE CENTS A MINUTE prime time, 10 cent a minute peak calling plan. $5.95 a month SC. Puts MCI/Sprint 5 cents a minute nights calling plan to shame. REMEMBER....The Simply Seven plan may very well still be the best plan for your customers. At&t agrees <g> You may have seen the at&t 7 cent for $5.95 per month calling plan they recently. WHO is leading the pack! And has been for the last three years. When I came in this business the ONLY calling plan near a dime a minute was Sprints 'Dime Lady' plan, "A dime to the person you call most". We went 10 cents 24/7 and they all followed suit. We went to 7 cents, who followed us there 8 months later? Now we can offer 3 cents to those nickel a minute MCI and Sprint customers and 7 cents 24/7 to those who want to keep it simple. btw the Dime Deal now has a $2 minimum usage. This is due to the provisioning cost, we DON'T want Excel loosing money on customers, otherwise they couldn't keep giving our customers who USE the phone these great rates and keep giving us raises!!!

8) EXCEL Credit Cards!! They are really sharp looking!! Just charge it please, here's my card <g> These fantastic cards are for excel reps only at this time.

9) BANK DIRECT! Banking on line!! ..... checking accounts, savings, money market, CD's, online bill payment, direct deposit, NEW COMMISSIONS IN THE FUTURE! Good interest rates and low/no free set up. You will DEFINITELY want to get the details on this!
Go to:

10) PRE-PAID calling cards. Three different kinds are available. One of them is a five minute business card calling card.

11) Expansion of business opportunity to the United Kingdom around May of next year. You might not know anyone in England but someone in your downline might <g> Build your organization as big as possible in the next 6 months and your chances of building in new countries increases 100 fold!

12) PCS sometime early next year.

13) A big announcement on some additional UNLIMITED compensation to be made on Oct. 29th from Tampa Florida. Involves Unlimited LDU coding, I am not sure what exactly it means but I do know it means MORE MONEY to us! You are going to need to have $3,000 of personnel customers long distance usage to be eligible so get working NOW on those customers!

14) LOCAL PHONE SERVICE to begin in Texas then spread through the states starting the first quarter of next year.

15) Bundled Service coming soon. Discounts for multi product customers.

16) Satellite broadcast every Saturday. Kenny Troutt and Excel leaders to be talking to us live every Saturday! For you local reps we are starting Saturday training's (SWAT) in two weeks.

This will include THOUSANDS of products for our customers such as games, movies, books, music, sports equipment, ALL offered through your IR page. It will give your customers a reason to go back to your IR page after their first visit!

Online video library
online chat with tech support
email tech support
one site dispatch service
Up2me market place - 4th quarter.
MULTI service tech support for ALL needs and brands such as printers,
scanners etc.

The mission is to help you BRAND your page and enable us to sell products on

19) They are revamping customer and rep service to be dedicated to help us in FIXING our problems, also RepWorks report will soon have MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS for accuracy.

20) I am forgetting something.......... ummmm, you just need to get to a meeting this week!

For those in other areas get to your local FC or SWAT meeting. For those in this area get to the Wednesday night FC meeting in Eagle. Bring a guest(s)! YOU NEED to be there if you want to be involved in the CALL TO ACTION! We are incorporating our Foundation City into SWAT and you will want to be a part of team!

The only other thing you need to know is "ONE more customer and ONE more rep is all that is between you and a TOTAL life style change. Notice I said life style change not TOTAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I say that because you might have plenty of money, but do you have all the TIME you want? AND if you have all the MONEY AND TIME you want, you might just want to make some awesome friends. Excel gives you the opportunity to MEET AWESOME PEOPLE, it is MORE THAN MONEY, it is a life style change!!! A chance to redefine the future for you and your family. Get paid to help others get ONLINE WITH THE FUTURE!

If you quit now be prepared to have to answer to your kids and grandkids that you were a part of it, but you didn't have the courage to continue for them, so you quit! Be strong now and walk against the grain, there remains many clueless people who will discourage you.....things may not always go the way you want, occasionally rep or customer service will not meet your high standards or react the way you want them to to your problem. Just hang up and try again! Do-Do happens!!! YOU just need to understand...This is bigger than anything you are ever going to see in your lifetime and I guarantee you this, you want to be a part of it!!!

Excel Teleglobe will be the number 1 communications company on a global scale.... hold your head high and say I AM AN INDEPENDENT REP FOR EXCEL COMMUNICATIONS! Have you heard of it? Oh really, what have your heard? Shut up and LISTEN! Then do the hardest thing we do in this business, GET SOMEONE TO LOOK AT THE COMPENSATION PLAN!! Listen to what they want in life and show them how Excel can get that for them if they are willing to work hard and be coachable.

Looking forward to talking to all of you soon!

Keep on Excellin' This thing is bigger than your wildest imagination!

Jody Newell


It's Friday -- and there are more announcements to come. But I must say that this PGB, in my opinion, is one of the biggest announcements that Excel has EVER made.

Let me tell you why:

1) It allows anyone to create a substantial residual income by themselves. No, it isn't the kind of "leverage" we may want, however, it is a HUGE incentive for those who are looking to make extra money without having to worry about signing up other Reps. I am thinking of go-getter college students as an example.

2) It provides a tremendous reason for experienced Reps who are sitting on their 20 customers and coasting to get out and sign up more customers and be rewarded for their personal efforts.

3) There are companies like MCI and Sprint who pay telemarketers $6 for every new customer they sign up -- and NO residual income. Can you imagine a telemarketer looking at this and saying, "You mean if I can sign up customers that use a volume of over $11,000, I will make $1100 per month? Every month? Ongoing?" Folks, $11,000 is NOTHING to a telemarketer!!
When word gets out, they will be flocking to Excel -- and when they ask, "Do I have to get other people to do this?" You can, "Not if you don't want to!"

4) This concept makes us all more responsible for our own little business. It is PERFECT! Yes, we want to make money "on the efforts of others" -- but guess what, the "others" have the same program and now have a reason to get out and add more usage to your downline commissions! Everyone wins!!

5) This PGB includes EVERYTHING -- long distance, pagers, Internet, etc etc etc. Can you imagine what this can turn into with E-commerce?

All in all, the BEST move Excel has ever made, bar none. If you have people who are great customer gatherers, but lack the confidence or interest in recruiting Reps, your prayers have just been answered. This also puts the emphasis back to who pays for those checks we get in the mail every week -- THE CUSTOMERS!

Lee Simonson, ED

YOUR MIND'S EYE  [index]  [exit]

"I've heard that rehearsing in your mind is almost as good as the real thing. Is it true?" - Doreen T.

In his book, "Psycho-Cybernetics," Dr. Maxwell Maltz tells of an experiment that showed how mental practice can actually improve our skills. The test involved the ability to sink basketball free throws. Maltz says that "One group of students actually practiced throwing the ball every day for twenty days." Their efforts were recorded on the first and last day. A second group, that was also tested on the first and last day, engaged in no sort of practice between their tests.

A third group was scored on the first day, then spent 20 minutes every day "imagining" that they were throwing the ball at the basket. When they missed, they would imagine that they corrected their aim accordingly.

The final results showed that the first group (which practiced 20 minutes a day) improved their scoring ability by 24 percent. The second group (with no practice) showed no improvement. The third group (who practiced only in their mind) improved in scoring by 23 percent.

Changing your mind's eye will have a positive effect on your physical eye.

- Neil Eskelin

Jump Stat Smile: Many people are like a tack - only going as far as their head will let them.

Ken Leonard - RD
TelWorks: 1-310-521-4180

From: "Rich Shipley"

Kenny Troutt Millionaire's Club Conference Call on RealAudio: 

All of the Excelebration announcements from the man himself.

Expect Success!!

Rich Shipley RD/RTD
Sacramento, CA SWAT City Leader
telworks - 553-4893

LETS KICK A_S! - The scoop on the 'competition - read only if interested!  [index]  [exit]
Those of you who were at Excelebration will understand the title <g>

AT&T settles lawsuit

Fine, changes over slamming

By Max Jarman The Arizona Republic Aug. 21, 1999

AT&T agreed to pay $150,000 in legal costs and alter its marketing practices to settle a lawsuit brought by the Arizona Attorney General's Office over the company's alleged slamming practices.

Slamming is the unauthorized switching of a telephone customer's long-distance provider.

The suit, filed in Pima County Superior Court, suggests that AT&T representatives forged customers' signatures on documents that authorized the switching of long-distance accounts to AT&T.

The Attorney General's Office said the suit was filed in Tucson because that was where the attorney handling the case was based. The reputed victims were from all over the state.

AT&T blamed the problem on contractors hired to market the service at various community events.

Timi Aguilar, an AT&T spokeswoman in Denver, said the company has discontinued that type of event marketing.

Besides the $150,000 in legal expenses, AT&T will pay an additional $25,000 to educate students on consumer issues.

The settlement also requires the company contact about 5,600 customers who recently switched to AT&T long distance to verify they intended to do so. If not, the order requires they be switched back at no change and refunded any extra money they may have paid to route calls over AT&T's network.

Also, anyone selling AT&T long-distance services in Arizona over the next two years is required to obtain a picture identification of anyone intending to switch long-distance providers.

Finally, AT&T is prohibited from paying its Arizona long-distance sales agents based on new sales. It now must compensate them on an hourly basis.

Aguilar said the company was pleased with the settlement and is looking forward to implementing the public-awareness program required under the agreement.
Max Jarman can be reached at (602) 444-7351 or at

MORE ON THE 'COMPETITION'  [index]  [exit]
BEFORE THIS ARTICLE STARTS I HAVE ONE COMMENT <g> Did you see where at&t recently followed suit and went 7 cents a minute (for a $5.95 a month service charge) and they are advertising that the 5 cent a minute deal ain't all that good. Aren't they just agreeing that WE ARE THE BEST!!

Competition - THEY JUST DON"T GET IT!

AT&T Billing Practices Alarm Many Consumers; Bell Atlantic Responds to Thousands of Customers Seeking Help

NEW YORK, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Bell Atlantic (NYSE: BEL) has put approximately 12,000 of its service representatives on alert in the face of an increasing number of calls from customers who reportedly are confused and angry with AT&T's (NYSE: T) changing billing policies.

This summer, AT&T added a $3 monthly minimum usage charge to its bills, and is billing some customers every two or three months instead of monthly. The combined practices can easily double a subscriber's long distance phone bill.

Bell Atlantic estimates thousands of customers have called with questions as AT&T's billing practices became increasingly evident.

"We are concerned that these policies affect people who are trying to save money and make very few long distance calls," said Fred D'Alessio, group president -- Bell Atlantic Consumer Services. "Many of our customers are surprised and dismayed when they see AT&T's charges. Worse yet, some customers tell us AT&T has been difficult to reach, and they say issues aren't always resolved to customers' satisfaction. I'm deeply worried that this policy is going to hurt fixed income and elderly consumers throughout our service territory."

Bell Atlantic employees report that they are left on hold when they call AT&T to assist customers. Bell Atlantic service representatives also have sent faxes to AT&T asking the company to contact its customers, but some customers report that AT&T hasn't called back.

"The ramifications of AT&T's new billing policies are serious," D'Alessio noted. "AT&T still holds the lion's share of the residential long distance market in our region."

In July, AT&T announced it would step up its policy of billing low-volume, long-distance customers in two- and three-month increments. This is a money-saving measure. As a result, customers who make fewer than $30 in long-distance calls in a given month may be forced to wait before they see long-distance charges on their bills.

Initial complaints about AT&T's billing practices surfaced in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Delaware last week. Bell Atlantic is looking into potential problems in other states.

************************** - EXCEL HELP at your figure tips AND at YOUR IR HOMESITE   [index]  [exit]
In NTD school Nick Merrit from up2 technology told us that :
" to you"

We were upstairs in the Opportunity Center on Saturday afternoon of Excelebration, and there in the corner by the IR photo line was a display about service 911.  Anne and I watched the techs demo it. Pretty snazzy. It is a full service tech support for handling any computer related problem, that has degrees of involvement and user participation. These techs seemed to pride themselves in being able to interface different brands of hardware, and were real savvy whiz kids.

One of the examples the young tech used was, say you can not get your printer to work. You can start by looking up the info yourself, then watch an online movie, then email a tech, then type back and forth in real time with a tech, then get a tech to call you, and if all else fails, request a service call from a tech. Don't quote me on this, but I think he said the phone consultation was $30/hr, and the house call was $100/hr.

Ok, now say your next door neighbor gets a used printer at a yard sale, and is having a hard time getting his computer to "talk " to it. You send him to your site, he clicks on service911, and winds up on the phone for an hour. Now because this revenue is generated through your homesite, ("branded" I think was the term he used) , we will be paid a commission on it.

his is just the beginning. I am sure some of the more computer literate members can elaborate on the technical side of things, but what we got out of the demo was, here is another way to get paid to help people. When I saw the first post about it tonight, I went and registered. No Credit Card needed. Got an auto e-mail welcome back promptly.

I know that if I hear anyone complaining about their hard or software, I am going to send them there to see if they can get help. A few hours of house calls /month would make a nice blip in the LDU.

Capt. Chris and Capt. Anne Siegel
Beaufort, NC
reply to:

Broken down on the info-superhighway?
Get help today at   - just click on service911

Dave Funk's Millionaires Club Conference Calls - September Line-Up
Every Sunday night at 10:00pm Eastern time These are SUPERB! Each week, Dave Funk has one guest... Last Sunday's guest was KENNY TROUTT, talking for most of the half hour about the announcements made at Excelebration, and what's coming in the next 6 months.

Sunday 9/12 Danny Bradley

Sunday 9/19 Steve Smith

Sunday 9/26 Ken Hilton

The way these have been set up for the last couple of months, Kenny Troutt, Steve Smith, and Ken Hilton each have one Sunday a month. Then Dave has other guests on the remaining Sunday(s). Talk about getting information from the horse's mouth! To sign up for it, call the conference call company at: 1-800-660-1236
You must have a credit card (or a debit card that can be used as a credit card) to sign up for it. They will give you a phone number to call in on (regular, not toll-free) and a PIN. Then they just send a charge through whenever you use it. And more than one person can be calling in from different phones using the same PIN at the same time or you can 3-way someone else in on the call. Current rates are 15c a minute plus your own long distance charges. We call in 5-10 minutes before it starts to make sure we get in on the call. All of the calls we've listened to lasted a half hour. I remember seeing the schedule on RepWorks sometime in the last month or so... On Kenny Troutt's page in the August Communicator, it shows that he'll be on the calls on 8/15 and 9/5 and the phone number to call (see above) to set it up. And last Sunday, Dave repeated the schedule for the rest of September.

Lou Green (& Bill Millikin) RD/RTD
Mansfield, Ohio 419.524.7793 tw327.9471
Be sure to visit our web page!

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